Mammoth Mountain off Tioga Rd in Yosemite (not the ski area)

Tioga Road is closed to due to snow and will not reopen until spring 2008.
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January 8, 2008 - Winter has finally descended upon the Sierras and the higher elevations of Yosemite were slammed with over 8 feet of snow during the past weekend.  It looks like the snow pack is off to a much better start than we saw in 2007 and I am optimistic that the streams and lakes will fill up, unlike this previous summer.  The information below is the summary for 2007, as conditions change in 2008 I will do my best to keep the home page updated so you can stay fully informed when making your travel plans.  The high country is accessible pretty much only to those who cross country ski or those willing to hike up the Snow Creek Falls trail and then put on snowshoes to venture out into the wilderness.  Yosemite Valley is a magical place this time of year with very few people and snow dripping off the canyon walls.

Yosemite Falls, Vernal Falls, Nevada Falls and virtually all of the other waterfalls that are in Yosemite Valley are either dried up or at minimal levels.  This was the lowest snow pack in 20 years and virtually all of the creeks have dried up.  Water levels are generally low in streams and lakes throughout Yosemite.  Conditions in September this year are very dry and the fire danger is high..  Anyone planning high country backpacking trips will need to make water stops at every opportunity.  The mosquitoes are gone'.  

2007 is very different from last year.  2005 - 2006 was an incredible snow year and you could still find patches of snow on the north facing slopes above 10,000 in many places even in late autumn.  There were even wildflowers still blooming in September which is very unusual.  Most of the flowers have come and gone already at lower elevations and due to the lack of moisture many high elevation flowers quickly bloomed and died.

We were treated to spectacular waterfalls far longer than usual last year due to the combination of warm weather, mild rain storms and a very deep snow pack that lasted seemingly forever in the Spring and Summer of 2006.  With Tioga Road open and the High Country hiking trails in fabulous condition, the trails out of Tenaya Lake, Tuolomne Meadows, White Wolf, Mono Pass, and all the other great destinations along Tioga Road are great destinations for an autumn trip.  Make sure you are prepared for chilly nights with temps below freezing.

If you're visiting Yosemite Valley in autumn, this is a great time of year to take a walk around Mirror Lake and do the hike to Snow Creek Falls.  Since this trail faces south, it generally is in the best condition of all the trails leading uphill from the valley.  The snow pack is gone from all the major hiking trails and the hike up to Nevada Falls is particularly beautiful without the summer crowds.  If you are going up to Mt. Lyell, you will need the usual special gear for snow and ice travel including crampons, ropes and preferably other companions.  Visit our hiking page for more ideas on where to go. 

The information below is generic for summer and early fall.  Always call the Wilderness Center at 209-372-0740 to get the latest trail and weather conditions.

Mt. Dana is a great place to go skiing if you are an experienced back country skier once Tioga Road closes and there is a good 6 feet + of snow to cover the rocks.  But it's quite a climb up 3,000 vertical feet and you better be an expert skier if you really want to attempt going off the back side.

Temperatures will generally fluctuate wildly within the park as you change elevation and move from sun exposed areas to ones prone to shade, but it's still remaining pleasant in the daytime in Yosemite Valley and lower elevations.  Bring a hat and gloves with you wherever you go if you are traveling in the park above 5,000', even lunch time can be cool and blustery depending on the day.  Once May rolls around temperatures tend to stabilize before ratcheting up in June.

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Located approximately 4 hours east of San Francisco, Yosemite National Park is one of the most spectacular places on earth.  Each season provides unique opportunities to enjoy the varied scenery.  Spring and Summer provide spectacular waterfalls and an array of wildflowers unlike anywhere else on earth.  Autumn is a quiet time when most of the waterfalls have dried up and the summer crowds have departed.  In Winter, most of the park is blanketed in snow and only the most adventurous people delve into the back country.  We have divided this site by season and geography to make it easy for you to find those topics that are of interest to you.  

Other web sites will provide you with detailed information on camping, lodging, activities, road conditions, and other related topics in Yosemite.  Please see our links page if you wish to connect to this additional information. If you're planning a trip to other parts of California we suggest that you visit CA Photos.   For general travel information concerning other destinations all over the world we highly recommend visiting Bootsnall.com it's the ultimate resource for the independent traveler!    

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